As Farrell uses the term, “‘integrity’ deals with the way issues and positions fall out and hold up over the course of an ongoing episode…integrity is less an attribute specifically applicable to persons and their character than an emergent, acquired trait of messages that are presented and upheld in public life. It is the openness of a rhetorical forum that brings our positions from a stance of foreclosure to one of exposure….Within such a forum, positions hold still long enough to elicit some sense of their answerability” (1993:305).
Man-oh-man. Today I wrap up the “recruitment” phase (everyone will breathe a huge sigh of relief, I’m sure!) and the group will begin to solidify. Will it be surgery or therapy? Stephen posed the challenge to me and Li in class last night. We may try to strike a middle-ground BUT…a comic script has begun to take shape. It’s gonna be wild. 🙂
Did I post the emails discussing a perception some international students have about domestic students and faculty being “indifferent?” Details are starting to slip away from me…! (As Hannah would say, “DUH!”)

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