{But could lose it, third time I’ve tried to make this entry!}
Feeling good. Making some unconventional decisions (at home, in school) and have got increasing energy and optimism. Yeah!
School’s going well, the mentoring project is rocking…good momentum, I think. Worried a bit about faculty coming on Nov 2, but hope by then they are curious enough to make the commitment. Fingers crossed! Stephen and Briankle’s classes are great; lots of discussion. Over in SOM, too, even though Linda vetoed my idea for a paper. ­čÖü
Family has all adjusted to the schoolyear routine. I need to figure out how/when to visit Sam regularly, and also work in some dedicated writing time. I haven’t done that before, only written under deadline pressure, but, the time she has arrived for a more measured approach that allows process time – development, perhaps even some maturation of ideas.

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