2nd Cairo conference

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Building the second Cairo conference
Resistance to the US occupation of Iraq and to the Israeli occupation of
Palestine is growing and the calling of the second Cairo conference is an
opportunity to strengthen our ties with the anti-war movement in the Arab world.
The first Cairo conference held in December 2002 issued the Cairo declaration
against US aggression and globalisation and established the International
Campaign Against US Aggression
. In the following months many anti-war
initiatives were undertaken in Egypt, Lebanon other Arab countries. These
culminated in the 20 March demonstration in central Cairo, the largest
demonstration since the 1970s.
The second Cairo conference has now been called for Saturday 13 and Sunday 14
December 2003. The preparatory committee in Cario are now hard at work
arranging the conference. They have issued a broad indication of the agenda (in
an attached file we reproduce excerpts from the agenda).
We are now calling on all peace groups, trades unions, religious organisations,
political campaigns and organisations to send representatives to the Cairo
conference. A limited amount of accommodation with activists in Cairo is
available but it would be preferable for delegates to arrange their
accommodation in one of Cairo?s many reasonable hotels. A list will be
circulated shortly.
The Stop the War Coalition is supporting the Cairo conference and urging as
many of its supporters as possible to attend. The Cairo declaration is
available on the Stop the War Coalition website.
If you are coming to the second Cairo conference please let us know by
emailing office@stopthewar.org.uk
Best wishes,
Jeremy Corbyn MP
George Galloway MP
John Rees, vice president, International Campaign Against US Aggression
Draft agenda for the second Cairo conference
Resistance of US Hegemony and Neoliberal Globalization
The project of US hegemony over the whole world in general and the Arab region
in particular is exposed beyond doubt. The ?New World Order? did not settle
with imposing its economic control over the world but has recently also exposed
its military face, so obviously and brutally exposed during the US aggression
against the Iraqi people ? This puts the global movement against capitalist
globalization and US hegemony in front of a series of questions, which demand
solid answers, if we plan for our resistance strategies to be compatible with
the truculence of the enemy we are facing.
Supporting the resistance against Israeli and US occupation in Palestine and
The situation in Palestine and Iraq today once again provides evidence that
peoples of the world have never and continue to not accept their occupation,
irrespective of the pretexts or rationales on which it is based and
irrespective of the balance of power between the occupier and the occupied?The
challenging question now is no longer whether or not solidarity is needed? But
rather how can this solidarity be best exercised to help that resistance
continue and develop to the day of its victory, which means no less than
independence, freedom and liberation from all forms of control and hegemony?
The situation of democracy in Arab countries
There is no need to provide new evidence of the absence of democracy in Arab
countries. Neither are we in need to provide evidence that the liberal
globalization which has liberated the markets from any restrictions but the
target of profit did not bring with it the political liberation that it had
promised the people of the world. The prisons of the Arab region and the
reports of human rights violations in those countries in addition to what we
have read are witness to the oppression, detentions and torture policies
against the exercise of any democratic right or peaceful protest such as
demonstrations or gatherings or merely writing against US and Zionist
policies. ..We want our own democracy; not our governments? disguised
dictatorships, nor the ones that come to our countries carried on tanks. The
question we are facing now is how?

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