Well, Sam and I hung

Well, Sam and I hung out for a couple hours yesterday. No drive – too rainy, and he’s still got a cold. I finally read him everything I’ve posted in here about him. That’s the plan; that I’ll catch him up every now and then, depending on the action. He didn’t say too much about it, just grinned. ­čÖé I asked him if there was anything I shouldn’t have said. “No.” Anything I got wrong? “No.” So here we are.
School started today for most of my compatriots. My first day of class is tomorrow. Can already feel the intensity….but….I’ll go in with a slightly different mindset this year than last. I have a better sense what I’m in for, and a strategy for managing things better. Or so I think. :-0
Got a bit of a backlog for posting here. Realize I haven’t given credit to most of my sources; is that bad form? Many of the links I post here come off of the social justice listserv from my Master’s program at UMass. Interesting stuff just about every day. Some things come from my current program’s email list. Others occasionally from friends. More still I glean from magazines or mail.I haven’t yet carved out that much time to just go hunting on the ‘Net myself. I do it occasionally, or when I’m after something specific. Don’t want to be given credit for more than my due. (As if!)

Teaching Respect for All
, the annual conference put on by GLSEN looks great. (Their mailer is sexier than their website, oh well.)
Some facts they report:
“4/5 LGBT students report being harassed because of their sexual orientation.”
“1/3 LGBT students report skipping school in the last month out of fear for their personal safety.”
“41.9% of LBGT students report being physically harassed because of their sexual orientation.”
“LGBT students who report knowing of supportive faculty or staff are more likely to fell they belong in school.”
In addition to LGBT concerns (mostly secondary level, I think), they’re also doing a track on the Holocaust. As I’ve been reading Piercy’s book about WWII I’ve started wondering about parallels to the present state of military affairs. Seems like a world war to me. Piercy wrote, from the viewpoint of the writer in the story, Louise: “She had interviewed enough refugees to know what they thought they were fighting for: they were defeating Fascism or liberating their homeland or fighting for their own freedom to be whatever they were that had become illegal or dangerous, Jews or Masons or Communists or Socialists or Seventh-Day Adventists, avant-garde painters, surrealist writers. Or they were simply fighting like the Russians for survival, because the Germans planned to annihilate them. But Americans were fighting for a higher standard of living. They were fighting their way out of the Depression. They were fighting for the goods they saw in advertisements and in movies about how the middle class lived” (p. 421).
Rather grim.
Hey Raz – when you gonna show your rebelliously quirky self in here, eh? Todd materialized today…will see if we can re-group as a cohort or no….sent them all a poem today – To The Virgins, to Make Much of Time.

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