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Fragment from a Romanian party’s position paper on the war in Iraq (elaborated before the war started). The party is called “The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania” (URR) and its leadership is chiefly made up of young, American-educated professionals currently working in Romania.
“The Saddam Hussein regime is a criminal regime. It is a regime responsible for numerous assassinates and tortures against the Kurd people and against the Irakian dissidents; like any other dictatorial regime, still it ends up killing, even in a pure arbitrarily way in order to maintain terror or merely in the routine virtue. Ann Clwyd, a British labor deputy assisted to a casual scene in Irak: the killing of all Irakians the regime would not tolerate anymore, by throwing them in a machine that minces plastic materials; all under the direct supervision of Qusay, the son of Saddam Hussein. The ones that ended foot in front died in much more terrible torments than the ones ending head first; these ones were considered “lucky” because they died quicker. The left deputy who assisted to 30 of this kind of executions was told that the remains would be used as fish food. Or, when people end up considering themselves as “lucky” just because they are being killed quicker, it is quite difficult to understand how the humanitarian – pacifistic principles can be invoked against an intervention in their favor.
The monthly medium income in Irak is 2$ for each inhabitant; the Irakians live in terrible material lacks, but they have all the grotesque shows a totalitarian regime is given to the people in stead of food and medication. Only by reminding us at least of the cold and hunger the Ceausescu regime would once given us along with the compulsory glorification shows for the “Carpathians genius” we could understand the war that will set the Irakians free, the more our past sufferance would hardly reach the nowadays sufferance level.
Exactly in virtue of this community in sufferance living an extreme poor less and sordid life of a totalitarian regime we could understand the Irakians that are today waiting for the setting free intervention. More than that, we believe that their hope is demanding an action from our side.
Romania must of course support the coalition against the Saddam Hussein regime in the virtue of its international arrangements, but above this we should support an action that will save lives and will put an end to so many absurd cruelties. It is a violent action which is producing tragically losses on both parts, but there is no reason to fight it in the virtue of some utopia arguments, which are ignoring the fact that the Earth has never been and probably will never be a Heaven where lions and deer are hugging together. We live in a conflictual world in which we must think in a pragmatic manner and we must assume decisions that are not easy, nor comfortable.”

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  1. Does anyone one know any info on these following topics that are being discussed in the UN. I need the Romanian point of view, so I can write resolutions for my Model United Nations project at school? …:
    -Support by the United Nations system of the efforts of Governments to promote and consolidate new or restored democracies.
    -The situation in Afghanistan and its implications for international peace and securtiy.
    -Armed agression against the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
    -Conclusion of effective international arrangements to assure non-nuclear-weapons states against the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons.

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