First day of classes yesterday

First day of classes yesterday for moi. Cohorters will gather tonight…should be fun. Most of us still seem to be sorting out which courses to take; I’m thinking I’ll probably not take Benjamin’s as it seems I can’t use it in the way I’d hoped (with the backlog of FLOW data). I’ll withhold my decision though until checking out the courses; Donal’s this afternoon, Stephen and Briankle’s next week.
Li and I were almost goofy yesterday – had a series of our own mis-readings of each other, confessed the internal stories we generated about them, and laughed at ourselves. Bodes well for the overall project. 🙂 We both went to the International Student Reception last night. I taped a great interaction with Carolyn explaining about audits (mentorship in action!) and had my first chance to really talk with and start to get to know most of the new cohort. I’d only really talked with Jung Yup previously. David’s interests seem to align with mine pretty closely, which is quite exciting as I’ve felt a bit isolated in my area. Danny’s work with identity and memory may overlap/stimulate the piece James and I have been working on…Zeng Ya is very interested in the mentorship project; perhaps we’ll be able to “follow” her through some of her ups and downs over this first semester? She seemed open to the idea. Li and I must talk more though – ideas from Benjamin’s class, and some decisions about WHAT to focus on & pursue and what to simply let go. Kyung Rae seems shy. Srinivas was a bit too tired to enjoy himself, I think.
The TA looks good, with Donal and my esteemed peers Naho & Kirsten. Scheduling our team meetings was a bear, but we figured it out.

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