FCC delivers ultimatum to rfb

FCC delivers ultimatum to rfb presents a classic research opportunity. If only I had the time… ­čÖü The article gives a solid summary of the situation and events to date; and the lead editorial points to the need to resist.
radiofreebrattleboro deserves support, but it looks like the town powers that be aren’t going to go to the mat, despite immense community support. The strength of the support, however, does seem to position the rfb folk for a lawsuit; of course their main question is, what gives? The FCC has nothing better to do than stomp out tiny, low power community radio stations? rfb transmits within a 2-mile radius of downtown Brattleboro.
There are some posts following this story at Community Radio USA. A weblog, Blue Canary also came up on Google with a hit to RadioFreeBrattleboro but I couldn’t find the reference in my quick scan.

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