This amusing comment on Bush’s

This amusing comment on Bush’s response to the recent gains in social justice made by lesbians and gay men in the U.S. was sent to me by a friend.
On the more serious side, In Changing the Law of the Land, Six Justices Turned to Its History, a wonderful summary of attitudes (especially Christian) towards a wide variety of sexual behavior is presented. The full text of the historical brief can be downloaded (free) as a PDF file from Lambda Legal.
Worked until 2 am last night, NOT my normal! Am grumpy this morning. (Get over it!) The good news is that momentum seems to be building for the interational student mentoring project Gu Li and I are working on…big meeting on the 27th, our first shoot with at least a half-dozen students from the Communication Department. Perhaps even more! We haven’t issued the general invitation yet. 🙂 Yahoo!
Now, down to Christian’s incomplete. I don’t have that much to do to clean it up, however I haven’t thought about it in weeks, it will take awhile to wrap my mind around it. Not fun – and wouldn’t you know today is the first sunny day in weeks? Poo!

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