Some tidbits I hadn’t got

Some tidbits I hadn’t got posted yet:
I’m keen on Howard Dean…I think there are some questions about how he would handle national security only because we have no previous example of him using military force. I don’t think the mere absence of this proves he wouldn’t be aggressive if this was necessary. I do think he may be more creative in finding other alternatives before resorting to force, and this is definitely part of his appeal to me.
Here is his Disability Rights Platform. If you want to get updates on this throughout the campaign there’s a special sign-up form. Here’s a link to some disability highlights from his tenure as Governor of Vermont.
I almost 🙁 got to interpret his official announcement earlier this summer…..THAT would have been treat!
Also, a book that may be of interest, White Men Challenging Racism: 35 Personal Stories, and a site about Jewish heritage in eastern and central Europe, including a compilation of Holocaust family photos.
Finally, an LSF cafe in France owned and run by the Deaf. A place to visit! 🙂

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