September 12 – http://www.interdependenceday.NET”>Interdependence Day

September 12 – Interdependence Day is an invitation to folks to address some conflict in a group (work, family, school, etc.) through dialogue. Proposed as a part of a positive response to 9/11.
Tom Atlee is also hard at work (as usual) disseminating strategies for citizen-composed wisdom councils. A recommendation for these is included in the House of Representatives current bill on nanotechnology. Read on:
Dear friends,
I have long known of Peter Montague’s work making complex environmental, health and science issues understandable to the public in superbly documented articles. (See a full list.) Lately he is addressing an issue close to my heart — the development of technologies and sciences of such unprecedented power that they may soon transform our world into something quite unrecognizable. How fast this transformation unfolds, and in what directions, is one of the most important issues we face.
I am deeply encouraged that Peter recognizes the need for a comparable development of democratic social technologies such as consensus conferences to address this “revolution in science.”

Revolutions in science and democracy – links to Part 1 and 2, next posting.

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