Raz – this is for

Raz – this is for you, dude, whenever you get around to showing up again! I know you only have one more week left to play…hope you and your mom have a grand time…then I’ll be seeing you with our noses back to the grindstone. (Don’t start the countdown though – we still have a month of summer!)
“As teachers, today, we are expected to communicate pragmatically. We instruct our students in the suitably productive methodologies, and provide them with lists of required reading, which will be ‘useful’ for their examined tasks. We do not encourage them to throw away the lists and to wander about the library. As for the better students, they may graduate for further training in the grimly serious business of learning to ‘interrogate’, ‘deconstruct’ or ‘critique’ texts. This generation of academics is not expected to have, at its core, a love of learning and intellectual debate.”
Arguing and Thinking: A Rhetorical Approach to Social Psychology, Michael Billig, 2nd Ed 1996:30.

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