My theme for the day

My theme for the day is resistance. I’ve a suspicion this may be my theme for the semester, if not my next entire life-phase. ­čÖé So many things are going so well for me that I am hyper aware of those places that don’t – and my emotional reactions have been getting the better part of my intended actions. Not good. Lessons in grace are needed. Vannoch and I had a nice chat about relationships…she’s got a good ear, that one! [the FP] and I are – perhaps – making some progress but the pace is interminable. Response for the mentorship video project has been … almost nonexistent? It could be our timing is just out-of-sync with everyone’s schedules. I find myself starting to panic a bit about getting everything done before school starts; perhaps this is true for others, hence, a meeting prior to classes isn’t appealing.
Meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out how to juggle five courses this fall….audit two? Plan to take an incomplete in another one? They would each complement and continue my momentum in various ways….argh!
On the news front, an anti-affirmative movement is underway, and it is being countered by pro-civil rights forces with a March on Washington, August 23-24.

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