Looks like today I’ll finally

Looks like today I’ll finally make some progress on organizing my office – tidying up from last semester (!) and getting space ready for the new one. Most of my thoughts are still on RID…the workshop wouldn’t have worked without the panelists, and I’m so grateful that I can trust our profession to generate willing volunteers. Reminds me of a conversation with one of the hotel’s cameramen (not the AV crew that travels with RID): he was “impressed with the interaction. Most conferences people don’t really talk with each other that much, but here it seems like you are all greeting old friends.” Neat, huh? 🙂
I’m also appreciative of the folks who hung in during Part II. About half the audience was new, so that means about 50% of the morning session’s folks came back, that seems pretty good to me? Given the time slot being so late AND immediately after the business meeting. Of course, I realize it probably wasn’t just the material that kept folks there but those painfully necessary CEUs! 🙂 But still, I was surprised how many people came up to me at the conclusion of Part II, more than after Part I! I’m taking this as an indication that even though Part II didn’t go as planned it still seemed beneficial to folk.
As for those examples of “breaking” role during the morning’s panel…I do think some of them were clearly “out” of role and not appropriate, but even these occurred within a context that at least can help us see some of the dynamics that were operational. I think we need to get better at identifying these dynamics consciously, so that we don’t find ourselves unwittingly playing into them. It strikes me that interpreters, by dint of the professional demands, are already pretty skilled at discerning layers of meaning AND at repressing our more impolite tendencies (just read a section in Billig about this universal communicative phenomena), but because of the taboos surrounding “breaking” role its been hard to discern and discuss how this happens. anyway, I’ll be thinking about this for a while longer as I modify the presentation slightly to show in my department this fall, and get busy with the actual writing up of the workshop for the conference proceedings.

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