James and I might want

James and I might want to check out the work of The Collective Wisdom Initiative.
I resist the new age-y lingo, but there may be some things we can glean from it that would help our thinking about problematic moments. In fact, perhaps we could contribute a seed paper, such as the one by Rosa Zubizarreta on Deepening Democracy.
According to Tom Atlee, “This initiative was born out of a team of spiritually oriented folks
curious about the mysterious potential of groups. Funded by the Fetzer Institute they set out to understand how it is that ordinary people in properly convened groups can tap into levels of collective intelligence and spiritual wisdom far beyond what one would expect from the individuals involved.
Fetzer’s initiative was triggered by author Jacob Needleman who suggested that modern culture needs “an art form of the future” that can “enable human beings to share their perception and attention and [thus] become a conduit for the appearance of spiritual
intelligence.” Anyone who seriously contemplates “this tangled world,” said Needleman, will realize “that we have no choice but to think together, ponder together, in groups and communities. The question is how to do this. How to come together and think and hear
each other in order to touch, or be touched by, the intelligence we need.”

Perhaps James and I can find some examples of PM’s in this book, the result of a study conducted by the Fetzer/Collective Wisdom folk: CENTERED ON
Tom relates these folk to Sandy Heierbacher of The National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation. Maybe a discourse analysis would help me get past the spiritual feel-good language to the functions served by their use – THEN I could go further and perhaps identify alternative constructions that serve the same purpose via other linguistic means. ?? A potential future project. 🙂 There is a list of funding opportunities. The Allstate one looks promising for Austine…

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