It’s a beautiful day! Was

It’s a beautiful day! Was supposed to take Sam for a drive, but he’s got a cold. We’ll try again tomorrow. Cleaned out the barn this morning; still have the garage to go…treated myself to an hour’s leisure read on the back deck, started reading Marge Piercy’s Gone to Soldiers while we were in Germany.
A handful of responses to the emails on the mentoring project; looking good! The main issue now is getting more concrete about the structure of the group meetings and how people can bring in their own areas of expertise. We’ve got a few weeks to sort this out.
Micheal Moore has published a letter contrasting Bush’s fundraising activities with rising unemployment, job loss, and compensation losses (Moore also implicates Clinton’s “Welfare to Work” program). To wit: “As Ron Eibensteiner, chairman of the Minnesota Republican Party, left the [Bush fundraising] event in St. Paul, he was met by hundreds of demonstrators. Being the dignified, freedom-loving, compassionate conservative we all wish we could be, Eibensteiner leaned over a police barricade toward the protestors and yelled,

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