I’m a little concerned our

I’m a little concerned our flights may be delayed due to the power outage in Detroit, but…it will be what it will be. Sarbjeet is going to be holding down the fort at home, and here’s a bit of timely humor from Tom Atlee.
Several items on the news recently about global warming. Tom compiled a list of resources including: a story from the Guardian, With Eyes Wide Shut. Mayor Bloomburg was talking about turning off all those air conditioners to help ease the return of power….what was that science fiction tv show about aliens in California…and the ozone hole was so bad no one could use air-conditioning?
The Union of Concerned Scientists has something to say about this, including a link to the McCain Leiberman Global Warming Bill trying to wend its way through Congress, as does the American Geophysical Union. Yielding to the liberal penchant for fairness, a view from skeptics; and a discussion of Bush’s argument that such fears are overblown.

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