I bought gifts for the

I bought gifts for the cohort today; and almost got one for myself, a magnet that said something to the effect of only good girls keep journals because the bad ones don’t have the time. 🙂
Saw Uncle Sam briefly the other night – read him a ream of jokes, mostly sent by Jennifer. He really enjoys them, laughing so hard at his favorites (which tend to be on the ruder side, just so you know). Grin. He’d also received a bunch of emails after my announcement of a change of email address which included an update….soon it will be time to get this URL out to folks; I keep procrastinating because I want to finish the upgrade/transition to movable type, but Ben and I have been stymied at every step for one reason or another. Grrrrrr! Anyway, Sam gave me an “autobiographical sketch” which I’ll scan in and create a link for once I learn that lesson. It appears to have been written in 1975; which means we’ll have to work on an update. Sam was getting in bed when I arrived at about 7:30 pm, but his plan was to watch tv until the evening shift ended at 11 pm, at which time he was going to host a party for some of the nursing staff interested in a drink and socializing before going home. Still up to his usual tricks!
Had a grand time last night with Anne and John, reviewing the “Breaking Role” presentation. Anne’s interested in working with me to get this info spread throughout the Deaf community. Way cool! They had a lot of ideas about next steps….I know I know! There are many strands to follow through. 🙂 I still have to decide which class to drop this fall…it’s being agonizing, as I really want to take five and know it is simply not possible. Sigh!
Didn’t really get started on the office cleaning until this morning. Have some good momentum underway, will see how far it goes.

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