Apparently tangential for James and

Apparently tangential for James and my purposes with this article for a history journal’s special feature on “The Future of the Past,” but worth a look for information/communication technology:
These essays purport to help one “understand the gap between theory and practice when it comes to our collective digital future.”
This essay includes info on archeology and anthropology of the world wide web.
An On Point radio review of a book on threats to cultural heritage.
A translation of a Spanish language article about”New info technologies for managing the european archeological heritage.”
History sources on the Internet.
Living in the future of the past is an editorial from science fiction weekly. 🙂
Syllabus for a course purporting to consider the “challenging picture of present and future and for the implications for thinking about the past — and about the present as it becomes the future’s past.” This might have some resources for our paper?
Here’s a report from a conference on “archiving of audio and audiovisual materials.”
Here’s an essay from the Virtual Church of the Blind Chihuahua, which deserves attention just for the creativity of its creator! The essay discusses tools for the future: artifical intelligence, physics, biotechnology. The website combines christian, jewish, and islamic religions believing in one god. The fundamentalist self-exam is a must! I am “unlikely to be a fundamentalist” so they suggest I might enjoy the site. 🙂

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