Some long overdue comments: *

Some long overdue comments:
* I also took The Matrixian “Are You the One?” quiz and discovered that I was Morpheus, a dillusional leader who is “looking forward to a nice holiday somewhere near the Earth’s core.” A place hotter than Arad, Romania at this very moment?! No thanks.
* I didn’t exactly understand why Newsweek published the “I’m Only Guilty of Being a Friend” piece… Although the woman had her (obvious) reasons to write it, the article had no info value whatsoever. Unless that byline that says “Zuza Glowacka, NEWSWEEK” means that she has resigned/been fired from The Times and is now employed by Newsweek… Even then, her piece serves her and only her and not the readers. Such pieces are usually fit to be published as an answer to accusations, in the SAME publications that hosted those accusations in the first place. As for the woman’s dilemma, I need to read up on her case, cause I’m clueless and have only read her skimpy defense.

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