Raz is back :o), all

Raz is back :o), all apologetic about the ridiculous length of time spent away from the blog!… :o( But he’s back now, as in back from Rio de Janeiro, back to Romania, at the moment in a newsroom (former venue of sweet daily torture) typing his backside off… Missed the action in the blog and the companion, who’s been very busy, it seems :o) Returning to subjectivity and, thus, to the first person – I am tanned, sleepy, lazy and slightly annoyed that I feel slightly annoyed for not having N. close to me, after a near-to-perfection honeymoon on the Copacabana beach… In one week, I will be in Budapest, taking part in a pannel that deals with EE students teaching English (spoken or vwritten) to native speakers. Could be fun, could be boring, we’ll see. Then off to Bucharest to get my mom the American visa, see my sister and her husband, meet my best friend whom I sorely miss at this moment and also look up some other people… Then, maybe do a little work in this newsroom, just for fun, for good old times sake. And, if there’s still some room, maybe finish Christian’s INCOMPLETE :o):o) Off I go into the wide, wide world outside – 36 degrees Celsius in the shade and a two-hour car ride waiting for me…. Will be back! And that’s a threat.

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