I keep hoping Raz will

I keep hoping Raz will show up…he must be on route to Romania by now? Maybe my sense of timing is off.
I’ve been running full tilt…my tendency is to want to backtrack and relate things in chronological order but who really cares if I get the sequence recorded precisely as they occurred? (Besides me?!)
Today I interpreted a high school graduation, lovely weather. The kid was at Austine 10 years ago when I arrived here in Vermont. Amazing to see him now as a young man. I’ve been thinking about how I can write about interpreting here, what with all the constraints imposed by the code of ethics, especially regarding confidentiality. It seems important to be able to write about it, because a) hearing (non-deaf) people rarely if ever get feedback on their performance and b) my subjectivity has so much to do with the interpretation process. I keep thinking effective interpreting has less to do with the substance of the communicative message per se than it does with the relationship between or among the interlocutors. Have to get my act together for the RID conference soon; Sneak Peek II is in a month, but the handouts are due this Friday. (Somehow I missed that deadline.)
I’ve been thinking on and off about the Fulbright…but have decided to relax and not try to pull off the application for this fall. Give myself a year to do the requisite networking and research…I can go closer to the end of my coursework, rather than in the middle of it. Saw Kathleen and Donald Graves from World Learning at the cow parade Saturday and mentioned it; they said they’d be glad to help. (Cool!)
Besides working on this proposal for Larry Frey (about the Deaf Majority Now movement), the main thing that has been on my mind is the interaction with one of my Asian pals from UMass earlier this week. It was a scheduling thing – we’d planned a day trip and I was really kinda squeezing it in knowing it was our only chance AND that it was gonna cut into my sleep. Had a couple of major realizations. One is that I really am older – I like being comfortable, feeling rested, and having things go according to plan. My flexibility in dealing with last minute changes varies widely; I think if I hadn’t been so worried about the next day, then I could have been more relaxed, but since I was already a bit stressed I just couldn’t hide my frustration. The weird thing about it is that I had a premonition that we were going to be late, that the communication had broken down and it was going to take awhile to round everyone up and get outta town. But, even knowing in advance wasn’t enough to prepare me for the reality. I felt so Other-ed! On a basic level, I felt disrespected

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