Raz is obviously enjoying himself

Raz is obviously enjoying himself too much on the beach to have checked out the Internet lately. Curious what he’d say about this piece in Newsweek, I’m Only Guilty of Being a Friend – what an ethical dilemma: friendship vs. cooptation. And how much savvy is needed to navigate these media-driven times…
Meanwhile, Todd has gone missing – what invitation to Salem? And the anti-intellectual, the aspiring philosopher and I enjoyed a yummy Korean dinner and suffered through Matrix: Reloaded last night. Boring – despite (because of?) it’s frenetic pace and interminable fight scenes. I did ponder and admire the incredible concentration and mental focused “required” to stay in virtual videogame mode for that long (being attacked by dozens of Mr. Smiths)….there’s an impact on the construction of subjectivity. I also woke up this morning thinking about its messages about control and choice…definitely Empiric (Hardt and Negri). Dave and Mike were all over this when the 833er’s had dinner at Larry’s house last week.
I took this “Are You the One” Quiz, and hate to report that I’m delustional (I know, NOT surprising – grin). “MORPHEUS: You were told as a child that if you were just slow and assured when speaking that your terrible stutter would cease to be a problem. Little did that speech therapist know that his teachings would mark you out as a leader for the rest of your life. Most of it has been spent searching the simulated world for The One and battling fiendish government agents. You’re looking forward to a nice holiday somewhere near the Earth’s core.”

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