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Commercials, Culture, Advertising Buzz and QuickTime GaloreThis is AdLand, a commercial-laden delirium of heaven and hell foradvertising addicts ’round the world. It’s easy and free to join our gaggleof AdGrunts. Logging in opens wide the AdLand gates to our forum and a flockof other features. If you remain just a visitor, you’ll never know whatyou’re missing – too bad for you.Even better, Super AdGrunts who PayPal a teeny, tiny two bucks (US) a monthto help defray site costs get the cr?me de la cr?me – access to over 10010TV commercials in our mighty ad archive, including 25 comprehensive years ofSuper Bowl commercials. See this article for the skinny, then take us for aspinny. Pop-up ad free. Spam free. That’s what your two bucks buys ya.Access. Privacy. Bliss.

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