“The Coalition of the Billing”

“The Coalition of the Billing” (or “Proposed US Aid for Countries Who Are Supporting the War in Iraq”):
* total figure of hand-outs: $7.8 billion (to this figure add loans and loan guarantees)
* Turkey: $1 billion in cash grants, with which Turkey can secure loans up to $8.5 billion (Turkey provided air corridors for planes bombing Iraq)
* Israel: $1 billion in military aid, $9 billion loan guarantees
* $ hundreds of millions (exact figures unclear): Jordan, Egypt, Pakistan
* $90 million to Bahrain (the country hosts the command center and the port of the 5th US Fleet)
* $61,5 million to Oman (the island of Masirah is used as a military base by the US)
* $15 million to Djibouti (hosts thousands of American troops on its territory)
* $15 million to Hungary (agreed to train Iraqi opposition on its territory, also hosts a US air force base)
* $15 million to Poland (has committed to send troops to Iraq)
* $15 million to the Czech Republic
* unspecified figure: Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, the Phillipines
Sources: Evenimentul Zilei, CNN
Bush’s proposed budget for 2004:
* total figure: $2.2 trillion
* calls for a $15 billion increase in military spending
* $2.3 billion in aid to “vulnerable states on the front line of the war against terrorism like Afghanistan and Turkey.”
* reduces aid to Russia from $148 million (in 2003) to $73 million
* reduces aid to the Ukraine from $155 million to $94 million
* reduces aid to Kazahstan (the largest non-Slavic ex-Soviet republic) from $32 million from $43 million.
* Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan will together get more than $171 million “in recognition that Central Asia is of strategic importance in fighting terrorism” (55 percent increase over 2003 and a nearly 100 percent rise from levels prior to September 11)
* Turkmenistan gets $8 million ($1 million more than in 2003)
* reduces aid to Eastern and Central Europe from $495 million to $435 million
* reduces aid to Yugoslavia (now, officially, “Serbia and Montenegro”), from $135 million to $113 million
* reduces aid to Macedonia from $50 million to $39 million
* reduces aid to Kosovo from $85 million to $79 million
Source: Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
Complete U.S. budget

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