Students in the UMass writing

Students in the UMass writing class have selected 3 blogs each to analyze over the rest of the semester. Here are their choices:
Kate: Ghost in the Machine, – writing about making movies, writing about art, by greg allen, and Lights Out Films.
Marika: I Am A Dancer,, and the pieces of my life.
Jay: The Bird House: scot hacker’s foobar blog, Fuzzy Blogic: Jake’s Journal, and Musick.
Jeff: Stand Down: The Left-Right Blog Opposing an Invasion of Iraq,
Beyond Corporate, and Leftist Propaganda.
Rebecca: ADLAND, ME3DIA.COM: blue and white and read…sometimes, and PR Opinions.
Lisa: His and Hers, Bill and Kent’s Place, and
Jen: The Modern Age, Cubicle Dweller, and
Katania: Blue Line, Red Line, and Green Line.
Allison: The Bearded Lady, Steph and Lola Do UMass, and Well you should be happy for me.
Dawn: anything but ordinary, It’s not news, it’s, and Inside My Brain.
Kayleen: Fabian Gonzalez, my so-called blog, and spitting image.
Jenn: blueblanketblog, Vegan Blog: The (Eco)Logical Weblog, and everyforest.
Julie: Big Frog Weblog, Single Mom, and My Little Life.
Paula:, DC Dog News, and Steven Hatch’s weblog.

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