One great resource for videos

One great resource for videos is the UMass library. The AIMS collection there provides hundreds of good videos (media literacy, history, political science, etc.) to instructors. All you have to do is go to the third floor, to the Reserve section, and tell the workstudy people there that you are an instructor and that you need this and this video. You will have to fill in a form to order the videos and you will be able to pick them up in a couple of days at the most. Of course, prior to ordering the videos, you will have decided which ones you want to view. You can do that by going to the UMass library on-line catalogue page, click on “Keyword”, set “Material Type” to “Videos, films and slides” and then write your key term in the search box. If you’re not looking for anything specific, you might want to type in “Frontline,” or “Inside Story” (i.e. series name) or “PBS,” or “BBC,” (i.e. institution name) and you’ll get a whole bunch of titles. The Inter-5college borrowing system holds for videos, too.

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