Last night was my “spirituality

Last night was my “spirituality group” gathering. Carole was absent due to pre-pneumonia, but the rest of us enjoyed dinner and some good laughs. After updating everyone on the trials and tribulations of my life over the past month, my so-called friends (!) described my life as a soap opera, “Steph’s Soap,’ and seemed eager for the next installment. Nothing like an almost assault, relationship stress, and academic enlightenment/disillusionment to fuel a dramatic (comedic?) story. I was on the verge of ending the evening on a depressing note as we considered the state of the world and this seemingly soon-to-be war with Iraq; however, my tending-to-the-optimistic nature has been being nurtured by reading phenomenology: “…givenness gives and gives itself, therefore confirms itself, not because it possesses itself, but because it abandons and abandons itself, does not hold itself back and does not hold back” (Marion, p. 60).
Some reasons why regime change in Iraq is desirable; and more resources for nonviolent ways of accomplishing this end:
The Albert Einstein Foundation, including 198 Methods of Nonviolent Action.
The Nonviolent Peaceforce is “committed to third-party nonviolent intervention.”
Peace Brigades International promotes nonviolence and seeks to protect human rights.
“The Vernal Project is a long-term effort to create a comprehensive education and support network that can bolster and sustain grassroots progressive social change movements in the United States.”
Finally, some resources for teachers: an article on homophobia from my old pal, Warren Blumenfeld; and an article in the current issue of the Journal of Applied Communication Research, “The Dark Side of Instruction: Teacher Anger as a Classroom Norm Violations.” (Scroll down to read the abstract.) This research was done on college student’s perceptions of appropriate and inappropriate displays of teacher anger. The reference list may include articles that have more direct bearing on elementary and secondary settings.

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