…and then, one day, the

…and then, one day, the rich man from Baghdad decides to send his servant to the marketplace to buy some fruits for him. So the servant saddles up his horse and rides to the marketplace. When he gets there, lo and behold, right in the middle of the marketplace, he sees Death looking at him. What’s more, Death is making a threatening gesture towards him! Cold shivers down his spine, the servant gallops home and tells his master what he had seen. They decide that the servant should leave town as soon as possible and go to Amman. So the master gives him the fastest horse he has, and the servant wastes no time in starting for Amman. The next day, the rich man decides he wants to see with his own eyes what his servant had seen. So he rides to the marketplace, and, sure enough, there’s Death, looking straight at him. He gathers his wits and approaches Death and asks Her: “Why did you make a threatening gesture towards my servant yesterday?” “It wasn’t threatening gesture,” Death replies. “It was a gesture of surprise. I was surprised to see him in Baghdad, when I knew I had an appointment with him for tonight, in Amman…”

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