A funny piece of news.

A funny piece of news. Last week, the US government announced that a few dozen countries around the world support the war in Iraq (the so-called “coalition of the willing”). As a reward, most of these countries are going to receive US foreign aid. Some of them are explicitly included in Bush’s proposed budget for 2004 (see below). The Central European country of Slovenia was slated to receive $4.5 million, as a “thank you” for supporting the war. Only, Slovenia does NOT support the war!! Here are some excerpts from an article about this incredible blunder on the part of the US budget planners:
“One day after hundreds of Slovenians hit the streets to protest the inclusion of their nation in the US war budget, Prime Minister Anton Rop said Washington had goofed. When we asked for an explanation, the State Department told us we were named in the document by mistake as we are not a member of the coalition against Iraq,” Rop told a hastily arranged news conference. Slovenia was one of the states named in the $75-billion US war budget, which must be approved by Congress and includes grants to partners in the US-led military action. Slovenia was slated to get $4,5-million from the budget, which Rop said will not be forthcoming.”

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