30 countries “willing” to offer

30 countries “willing” to offer public support for the US war, maybe another 15 behind the scenes (Reuters story linked below). Hmmm, that’s somewhere in the range of 15-20% “official support.” And, most of those governments are not representing the public opinion of their citizens. Yep – WE LOVE DEMOCRACY!
Following some of the links within the Federal Government Stats link posted below by Raz reveals:
Household incomes show white privilege is as strong as ever.
Farm income going up neglects to mention that this is skewed towards corporations, ignoring the fact of family farms shutting down at a continuous and steady pace.
Poverty rate in the US increasing.
Well, let’s get that war started and continue post-WWII policy! If you haven’t read Noam Chomsky, and you want to understand US international policy, it’s time to start. “A study of of the inter-American system published by the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London concluded that, while the US pays lip service to democracy, the real commitment is to ‘private, capitalist enterprise.’ When the rights of investors are threatened, democracy has to go; if these rights are safeguarded, killers and torturers will do just fine” (p. 21). Chomsky goes on to reveal official US government policy as stated in official documents by policy planners since WWII – actions throughout Central American, Indonesia, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and on and on.
Reading this small booklet (half-size, only 100 pages) will help you decode what G.W. really means when he says trade barriers must fall and new markets be opened (link to his remarks below).

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