Yo! Had to take a

Yo! Had to take a few days off to take care of the psychosocial being (as my Alexander teacher calls it). Instead of doing homework and other professional academic-type tasks, I played. Out to dinner with friends and drinking beer with my uncle. Turned NPR off and listened to music. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Now I can face the world again.
To wit, this site Abolish: The Anti-Slavery Project from one of my Sociology students.
And this immediate need to counteract government permission for companies to lie about the organic properties of their food products. In Vermont, both Senators Leahy and Jeffords are working to get this provision removed from the 2003 Fiscal Budget legislation currently on the floor.
Of note: In protest against the state’s prohibition against gay marriages, a local minister announced from the pulpit Sunday that he will no longer sign marriage licenses when he performs wedding ceremonies, though he will continue to preside over religious ceremonies.” Read Jay Deacon’s Valentine’s Day sermon, “Desire!

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