The blizzard comes! Our usual

The blizzard comes! Our usual pre-storm flurry &emdash; water, flashlights, wood. It’s a way of life in Vermont, but I feel for the folks further south who aren’t accustomed to winter precautions and inconveniences. I anticipate we may lose power this time, as the cold has been so intense for so long the trees will not have much flex in them as the snow weights them down.

Quickly then, the New York Times finally starts to take the anti-war demonstrations seriously, not just one but two headline stories today! (But you can’t read them unless you subscribe.) Instead, look at this breakdown of 11 million marchers worldwide compiled by the Independent Media Center.

[the FP] and I recently watched one of the Bill Moyers interviews with Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth. He was quite a compelling and inspirational guy. In speaking of teaching, he said (something to the effect of), “If you’re going to teach anything, teach people how to live!”

Somehow, I’ve got to inject some enthusiasm into the Writing class. I haven’t successfully conveyed any compelling reason for the first couple of assignments. Some of the students found their own reasons anyway (which is what good writers do – they take a thesis or assignment and take it in/take it on, turn it into a vehicle for thier own purposes and ambitions while staying true to the task), but most have not. I’m considering asking them to substitute their OWN “assignment” for the personal narratives. What if I simply give them their choice?

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