Some more general blogging references:

Some more general blogging references:
A terrific article by Jo Ann Oravec that gives an overview of weblogs as an internet phenomenon, Bookmarking the World, also includes many links to interesting blogs. The journal it’s in may be of interest to teachers: Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy.
Aldon Hynes posted this comment and query to an academic listserv on Internet technology and communication: “I would like to return to (hopefully) the more germain topic of studying the role of the internet in the current issues surrounding proposed U.S. attack against Iraq. I remember from my days as a demonstrator, that an important aspect of the demonstrations was always gathering afterwards for a beer to talk about what had happened which helped galvanize the sense of commitment to the cause, sense of community etc. I’ve noticed what seems to be a similar occurance in blogs, especially after last weekend. I know that there are people here interested in the role of blogs. Is anyone looking at blogs as an emerging political tool?”
Finally, if anyone is interested in helping out with research on computer-mediated communication please complete this survey. It should take about ten minutes.

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