Awesome photographs of the protests

Awesome photographs of the protests on February 15. I have a slow server and it took a long time to download all of them (literally about 5 minutes) but it was well worth it. My favorites are from Antartica and Prague.
More on the virtual protest set for Feb 26.
And some leaflets you can print for distribution.
Thanks to Aldon Hynes for the following sites:
A report of first-hand experience at the protest in NY. You have to do some scrolling (through a bunch of quite interesting stuf!) to find the entry on February 17th at 11:46.
A a business networking community centered
in London has had some discussion about the peace movement, note these entries:
Julian Bond on 17/02/03 – 09:16
Phil Woodford on 16/02/03 – 23:59
Leon Benjamin on 16/02/03 – 08:51
Dave Cross on 16/02/03 – 08:48

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