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It’s too bad Brattleboro wouldn’t take a stand against the FCC, but they’re following up on earlier calls for the impeachment of G.W. Bush with a new call to arrest him and Dick Cheney, too.
The non-binding resolutions are symbolic; whereas resisting the FCC would have required follow-through. :-/
I’m proud, nonetheless.

I probably won’t get to meet him, but I’m sure I will enjoy interpreting Al Franken in Brattleboro today. Gotta love this job!
I also like interpreting public events, because I think the rules for talking about them are somewhat different than the intensive confidentiality that is absolutely vital for most other work. I would still regard any private/professional conversations as confidential (among stagehands, say, or members of the audience with staff or performers or other members of the audience, etc.), but those things that occur on stage, in public, and for the public open up a space for some commentary.
ps: the cows are on the march!

The town’s agog with a special exhibit at our (fairly small!) museum which includes items from a private collection apparently not shown in public before.
The opening gala was covered by the local paper this past Monday: Wild About Warhol. (I often have trouble with the links to the local paper; they seem to take 2-3 tries to get through. If you want the article via email, let me know – I sent a copy to myself.)
I was contacted about interpreting this event but couldn’t manage to squeeze it in. Besides, what would I have worn? I’d have looked like I was slumming!

The NYTimes reports on Vermont’s lawsuit against the federal government for preventing the purchase of prescription medications from Canada.
Go Vermont, Go!

Board denies support to rfb.

On Tuesday, the Brattleboro Selectboard will decide whether or not to pass a resolution supporting rfb. The editorial urging support in Wednesday’s paper (10/29/03) apparently isn’t posted online. 🙁

The local unlicensed radio station is making painstaking progress on gaining a resolution from the town which will help in a potential lawsuit down the road. Recently a station in California was raided and had all equipment confiscated by the FCC. Coincidentally (?), that station had been highly critical of the Bush Administration.
See Board puts discussion of rfb ressolution up for discussion