The original crew of the Enterprise were my best friends and role models while I was growing up. Everyday during elementary school I would rush home to watch. I now have a hard time watching Kirk, but Spock remains an icon. I am still taken by the camraderie across supposed difference which all subsequent Star Trek series have continued to emulate.
Am I surprised by George Takei’s widening corridor”? No. It makes such sense, especially the way he explains it – tying his own life experiences (including internment as a child) with contemporary media and political life. An overlapping story highlights Takei On Politics, Being Different And Social Activism.
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Resources re Hurricane Katrina

Sent by Taryn to the social justice listserv:
This guide by the New York Collective of Radical Educators has an excellent analysis and link to resources/examples on the social justice issues related to Hurricane Katrina. Margery is one of the trainers with the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond.”