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I hope I’m nominating one or more of my outstanding Communication peers, mentors, colleagues or adversaries (!) for the Prince Asturias Award.
Why not? 🙂

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The FPA at UMass still has last fall’s deadlines, but it gives me a target.
Step 1: contact Prof. Amanda Seaman.
This one does seem like me, eh?
Nine full grants “are available to U.S. graduate students for study on topics related to the European Union. Grants are tenable in any of the Member States of the EU. Awards are offered to graduate students and advanced doctoral candidates with clearly-defined projects that require the student’s presence at EU institutions in any of the Member States of the EU or at academic institutions within the EU specializing in EU affairs. Preference will be given to projects tenable in two Member States of the EU.”

I wasn’t ready to apply when Carolyn sent out info way way back in September of 2003 (!), but the time’s a drawin’ near…
National Science Foundation. Search for “Human and Social Dynamics”.

Just joined this listserv as part of preparing a proposal to do research in the EU next summer.
Gotta do some serious grant searching asap:
EuropaNet, The Scientific Research Society, and The Society Psychological Study of Social Issues are some places to look.
The German Marshall Fund looks particularly promising.

Check this out

Checking out a grant, I found this slide show from the National Science Foundation. It has this chart showing changes in national pride in response to 9/11.