Whistleblowing and Solidarity

Interview with Daniela, Part 2 of 2.

Peace Rally, Thursday, October 3rd from 5:30-6:30 PM, at Donahue School


Steph:                     Okay. So I’m going to read you this quote and then we’ll talk about it … Read more...

The Incident and the Peace Rally

Interview with Daniela, Part 1 of 2.

Peace Rally, Thursday, October 3rd from 5:30-6:30 PM, at Donahue School


Steph:                     Okay. We’re sitting in here on a Saturday afternoon at the Fiesta Cafe, downtown Holyoke. Is … Read more...

Sermon – Bridging the Gaps While We Can

Part 3 of 3.


Rev L Peterson:                  There’s a finiteness. It’s very clear in this Scripture from Luke today. There’s this reality of our actions and our inactions today yielding a future that has a … Read more...

A Bridge to Connect Them


Sam:                         I low key forgot what we were talking about.

Steph:                     So-

Lindsey:                 You forgot?

Sam:                         I low key forgot.

Steph:                     Low key-

Lindsey:                 You were like-

Steph:                     He low key forgot.

Lindsey:                 Low key.…

Sermon – Everything About Jesus is Political

Part 2 of 3.


Rev L. Peterson:                 Everything about Jesus is political.

Everything about Jesus is political.

Jesus turned over the tables of the money lenders. You know that story in the temple? Jesus healed … Read more...

Pool Party Part 2 (social media)

(Continued from Part 1)


Steph:                     If people could get comfortable with that kind of interaction, I think it would give us like transferable skills to solve all kinds of other communication problems, right. Situations where … Read more...

Pool Party Part 1 (interpreting and unions)


Lisa 1:                     It’s almost like…

Deb:                         This is even like, he opens up the show with a tape from this guy…

Steph:                     I’m recording you.

Deb:                         A tape from…

Steph:                     It was her idea.

Reba:                       …

Braver (Greta’s Song)


Lindsey: This is a song…this is called Greta’s Song. Do we know the Greta I might be speaking of? Right, and Greta definitely knows how to make some noise. So this was inspired… I’ve watched … Read more...

Healing Turtle Island


It’s not quite 48 hours since the third Healing Turtle Island ceremony was concluded. I woke this morning from a dream in which I urgently needed to call my mom. It was so compelling, the … Read more...

The White Body


Steph :                   The white body.

The significance of the White Body — of being embodied within a white body has just … made itself an apparent … notion in my consciousness, in my awareness, just … Read more...