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Going to Boston to counterprotest white supremacy following the violence in Charlottesville did not turn out to be dangerous, but there was no way to know this in advance. Walking the Talk or keeping my plans? When I first learned of the antiracist rally in Boston, it did not cross my mind that I should […]

Kelly, an acupuncturist and Taichi student, draws on cases from his clinical practice in Chinese medicine and a solid comprehension of key scientific findings about anthropomorphic global warming to come to a diagnosis of climate change as a symptom of Yin-deficient heat.

I’m a panelist for a one-day conference by the UMass Institute of Social Research, on the topic of Social Science Research Beyond the Academy, which is a UMass Graduate Student Research Exposition and PhD Alumni Panels Event.

The declining ability to grow food foretells the end of humanity in Interstellar much as it does in actual climate science. Food doesn’t enter Birdman, and is only racialized in Dear White People. Now, stretch with me, will you?

#KRKTR is an open game for everyone interested in developing individual character and social resilience. Points are earned for promoting and continuing communication, especially across different topics and among different groups. The idea is that both character and resilience are built at the intersections. Rules Every Tweet must include the hashtag #KRKTR Conference-based players should also include the conference […]

At the end of May, I’ll be presenting two major workshops at the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity (NCORE) in higher education.   One presentation, called Social Interpreting: An emerging model of simultaneous interaction, involves Babelverse, which you can learn about by watching this 20 minute video prepared for the @ think! Interpreting conference in Istanbul (March, […]

  Dominic reminded me that the way we talk needs revision. There is no “solution” to climate change; nothing to stop the forces already in motion. “We have to go through it.” What there are, instead, are ways of living during the escalation of natural disasters. Perhaps, against the odds, if enough of us change fast […]

I’m thrilled to be co-presenting with David at Permaculture Voices on the necessary care of people dimension of generating (and re-generating) collectively-oriented social webs for planetary maintenance and survival.

“It is over.” With this epigraph, Charles Genoud begins his book on the non-sense of time. Near the end of Gesture of Awareness (pp. 164-166), Genoud writes: I hold on to the notion of a subject. On the impersonal world of experiences, with a single letter, I— I trace a person, as if creating a blower of […]

I’m trying to track my social interaction in real time, using screenshots and text messages, mostly. The more I go ahead I started by sending a text message to both sides of my family. The same message but separately to my mother’s side first and then to my father’s side. Uncle Dick just replied. (5:25 […]

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