One thing about being in Europe ~ folks have been amazingly kind. I was warned by a few different people that the French, in particular, would give bad directions and otherwise be unhelpful or even try to “mess” with anglophiles. Not so! I had to deal with some technical stress immediately upon arrival in Strasbourg (my US-Western Europe electricity adaptor was fine but I had neglected a simple 2:3 way adaptor, sigh) and went off in search of an electronics store.

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singing in the rain!

I wonder if there is an Hungarian equivalent? I left CEU last night in a downpour. As I turned out of the main entrance the Basilica rose surreal. All shades of grey in the evening dusk, with the slightest twinge of sepia from the rain. It was stunning. An aesthetic moment. 🙂 I was drenched in less than three minutes, so I changed my mind about dinner out (no fun in sopping clothes) and headed back to the dorm to wring myself out. Upon debarking the train at Deák Ferenc tér, the most wonderfully happy percussion music swelled in the underground. Brought a spontaneous grin to my face! Gosh &emdash; how did I get so happy?
No explanation. Found a great source for the interpreting research, and some other references in the library here. Didn’t get as much done otherwise as I had hoped (ugh), but nonetheless, there I was, “feeling groovy.”

Simplex Dupla

Who’s over 40?!!! The crew from CEU spent varying amounts of social time with us on Friday, dependent upon previous obligations and however much stress they were feeling due to their theses being due in three weeks. (We “UMasser’s” are still in awe of the amount of work they churn out during their one year Master’s Program.)

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“Vo automat?”

Matthias taught me this “most important phrase to know in German” while I was on the first train from Berlin to Strasbourg. He lives in Mannheim, so I’m looking forward to catching up with him again later this summer. I felt fortunate to meet someone who knew English, as my conversation with the wanting-to-be-chatty cab driver who took me from the airport to the train station gave me a good indication of potential trouble. He told me about a marathon being run in the city, indicating we’d have to take an experimental route. “ How long have you been driving a cab,” I asked, “8 million people,” he answered. 🙂

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In roughly 15 hours I’ll be in route to Berlin. Not that I stay there very long (yet)…unless, as Briankle suspects, I can’t find my way to the train station!
In the past few days I have actually felt excited – and at the end of this allnighter I do think I’ll be “ready”. In some respects it’s reminiscent of my lesbian hunting days – the two years I spent working on the road scouring the west, southwest, and midwest for wimmin who wanted to participate in the National Lesbian Conference (Atlanta, 1991). This time I’m searching for interpreters. 🙂
I’m leaving connections I’m loathe to leave, both of the more recent and of the longer term kind. And going toward . . . who knows? 🙂 Most of it will be amazing, I’m sure. Imagine, in three days I’ll be witnessing the European Parliament! How awesome is that?!!

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