Last night was the grand finale for Introduction to Mass Media at the University of New Hampshire-Manchester. Some students prepared wiki pages as part of their presentations.
Presenting American Ethnocentricity which includes much historical information and analysis of the 2006 Winter Games in Torino, Italy (and a fun game of Jeopardy).
A comparative analysis of the Mary Tyler Moore show and Desperate Housewives in Female Image: Past and Present. Includes links to several theme songs whose lyrics (or lack thereof) project certain representations of gender.
An application of Uses and Gratifications theory to Monkey See, Monkey Do? Film Violence and Reality, especially in recent streetcar racing blockbusters.
And links to the online websites of several alternative news media, the so-called (?) Independent Media. I write “so-called” because in the course of researching the Project, Kirk found that the Associated Press “monopolizes the new media, to the point that even progressive “alternative” sources use them.” He found the same story about the May Day immigrant’s rights protests under different headlines in both the mainstream and alternative press! I did not confirm (during his presentation) if the stories I linked to were also the same one.