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Stay with me! How else will you discover what wild things I'm learning - such as the following true math facts:

What?!? How is this possible? What bizarre game is this? Just different number systems my friends. Instead of the familiar Base-10 number system that we all know (and love or hate to varying degrees), the first equation is in terms of the binary number system, Base-2 (here's "a pretty damn good guide"), and the second equation is in terms of the hexadecimal number system, Base 16 (this guide isn't quite as sexy but it ain't bad).

Anyhow, If you happen to receive Reflexivity on an RSS feed or subscription of some type, please be advised that I'm migrating from Movable Type to Wordpress, with a spiffied-up appearance and functionality that I can actually manage. The URL will change slightly, so - if you want to keep receiving Reflexivity, on the off-chance that someday you might want to know what I'm up to or (imagine!) that I'll write something of pertinence to any of your areas of interest - please re-subscribe from the new URL:


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